User Experience and Interaction Design - Associate in Science

The Associate in Science in User Experience and Interaction Design Program approaches UX and other forms of product design through a human-centered approach, placing users and their needs as the focus of the work. This includes everything from creating effective and enjoyable user experiences to ethical and safe interactions between the user research and the product. The course begins with the foundational concepts of good design: human-computer interaction, usability, user experience, and user research.  

Students will conduct user research to gain insights into real users; their backgrounds, goals, and behaviors. Customer insights will be used to develop scenarios and storyboards to formulate early visuals of the design concept. Students will have the opportunity to use leading software tools to bring the design concept to fruition, gaining applied design skills in real-world UX, UI, and product design. At the completion of the degree, students will have a UX Portfolio consisting of real-world designs, and course units that may transfer to a four-year program.