Real Estate - Associate in Science

San José City College offers an Associate in Science (AS) and a Certificate of Achievement in Real Estate. The three pillars of the program are:

California License Applicants

Students will complete courses designed to meet the educational requirements of the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) for state licensing. Applicants for the Real Estate Salesperson license must complete 3 courses (9 units): Principles of Real Estate, Real Estate Practice and one elective selected from among the additional courses listed under the Certificate of Achievement - Level 2. Completion of the Certificate of Achievement - Level 2 along with REAL 123 along with REAL 123 satisfies the educational requirements for the more rigorous Real Estate Broker license.

Real Estate Career Success

The multi-disciplinary nature of real estate encompasses a wide variety of knowledge and skills from fundamental principles to more advanced financial, economic, valuation, and legal concepts. Students will study the body of knowledge and skills with an emphasis on developing the competencies essential to a successful career in real estate. 

Personal Financial Well-Being

Financial literacy and planning plays an important role in an individual's future financial well-being. For many individuals and households, real estate is one of the cornerstones of their economic and financial status. Inherent within the real estate courses, students are exposed to economic and financial principles applicable to personal financial decisions that individuals will face in their lifetimes.