Community Health Worker - Certificate of Completion-Noncredit

About the Program

Non-credit Community Health Worker program allows students the opportunity to get the skills essential for the safe and effective movement of a patient across the care continuum, improved self-management of patient care, and enhanced patient-practitioner communication.  Community Health workers serve as a liaison between patients, caregivers, and their health care providers to improve patient care. This certificate provides introductory training for community health workers who want to gain navigation skills and knowledge of patient resources, basic health promotion, and professional conduct.  In addition, completion of this certificate, provide a step in making an informed decision regarding the selection of additional programs of study leading to academic and health care career goals or as an augmentation to existing certificates and licenses.

The Certificate of Completion will only appear on documents issued directly by the Medical Assistant Department.  The  Certificate of Completion will not be noted on the transcript.

A grade of “satisfactory progress” or "pass" in each course is required for non-credit certificate completion.