Environmental Science - Associate in Science for Transfer

The Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degree in Environmental Science provides students with a broad interdisciplinary foundation in physical and life sciences, economics, and mathematics in preparation for transfer to a four year-year institution. Students will develop knowledge of ecological principles, earth science concepts, and social and cultural institutions that shape the human-environment relationship and its effect on human being’s longevity and health. The AS-T degree is designed to prepare students to research, analyze, and propose solutions to the myriad environmental challenges facing the world today through a well-rounded curriculum combining classroom, laboratory, and field study instruction.

Successful completion of the AS-T degree in Environmental Science satisfies lower division requirements and guarantees admission to the California State University (CSU) system (though not to a particular campus or major).  The study of Environmental Science can lead to employment in a wide variety of field in both the public and private sector, such as environmental consulting, environmental education, urban and regional planning, sustainable landscaping, recycling and waste management, renewable energy, hydrology, and ecology.